The amount of photos being taken is astounding - billions of images are being uploaded to social media every day! In a way you could say, this makes just about everyone a photographer.

Yes, I agree.

But does it make everyone a good photographer? Not really. You know that!

And this takes us to the crux of the matter: not many people can take professional-quality photographs! (more…)

The old way of marketing was about pushing your wares into the market. The "mass market" had no choice but to put up with increasing volume and pressure from the "mass media." The biggest agencies with the biggest budgets got the best and loudest exposure. The unwitting consumer was being bombarded by hundreds, and eventually thousands of advertising messages in a day.

The Internet has changed all that. Now the consumer searches, researches, compares, and decides on the basis of information she or he gathers online. Therefore, if you want to be found, you need to produce content. (more…)

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