Welcome to GezzMedia’s new blog!

Hi, I’m Gerald Lopez, Director of GezzMedia. I am really excited to launch this blog; we live in exciting times for businesses, and I want to share how we can all participate in the rapid changes taking place.

While many business people are bemoaning the “recession” and the “downturn,” others are tapping into a new way of marketing and doing business. You could say many of the marketing rules are being changed as we speak; especially the ones that were about getting your service or product “in front” of the customer – often quite intrusively.

What we are increasingly left with is a public demand for marketing that is driven by integrity, by customers’ needs, and by a spirit of connection.

The reason for this big change, is that, for the first time in history, people can vote with their feet and their eyeballs. They are no longer shackled to large media monopolies like newspapers, tv and radio; who created the concept of “mass marketing,” i.e. treating people like a homogeneous mass who could be readily influenced. No, the Internet has blown it all open, by allowing people to choose their media, whether it be music, news, learning, imagery or videos.

As a startup, or small or medium-sized business, how can you adapt to this evolving market; and become strong and sustainable? Well, I hope the articles in this blog will show you how. And if you need further help, contact me and we can work out a way to do it together.

What do you think about the growing opportunities for small businesses today? Join me in the Comments section below!

Best wishes,

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