Do I really need a professional photographer?

By: Gerald Lopez
Posted on January 12, 2017

The amount of photos being taken is astounding - billions of images are being uploaded to social media every day! In a way you could say, this makes just about everyone a photographer.

Yes, I agree.

But does it make everyone a good photographer? Not really. You know that!

And this takes us to the crux of the matter: not many people can take professional-quality photographs!

Yet, some business people think they can get away with images they have taken themselves! You see it everywhere - on LinkedIn profiles, real estate websites, self-designed amateurish brochures.

These people haven't understood how to invest in pro-quality imagery for their business. And the world notices - because the world has become more visually sensitive and sophisticated.

So what is a pro-quality image?

An image that uses the limits of technology to convey a message.

That is, an image that is the best the technology can deliver. Therefore, images that are unintentionally blurred, hazy, overexposed, the wrong colours, or with shadows blocked out, don't count as pro-quality images.

An image that creatively conveys a message.

That is, an image that uses visual language to tell a story in a way that is surprising, elegant, emotional, and appealing. I suppose this is what art does. A professional will have developed a sensitivity to how people respond to an image, and will be able to craft an image for maximum response.

An image that says something positive about the quality of your product or business

That is, an image that makes the business that commissioned the image look good. It makes them look as professional as possible.

If you care about the branding that your business builds in the market, you will care about whether your product or service photos support that branding.

What is a professional photographer and what do they do?

A professional photographer is someone who has studied and practised their trade - or their art - so they can best produce what businesses need.

They have studied the technology, and know how to use it to produce a variety of results consistently. This includes cameras and equipment to take the shots, as well as software to post-process the digital images.

They have invested in hardware that delivers to the limits of the technology. Professional-quality equipment is usually in a much higher investment bracket than consumer-quality gear.

They may have studied particular niches - such as car, portrait, travel, or architectural photography - to further refine the images they can offer.

Through experience, they will have developed visual skills to craft images that are clear and impactful. They will know what makes an image "pop" or really tell a powerful story, and they will know how to create it.

Professional photography is an investment

Pro photographers have invested their time and money in the pursuit of their craft and equipment. That is why they need to charge substantial fees.

In turn, by paying a pro photographer, a business is also making an investment. An investment in images that clearly convey what the business is offering. An investment in showing that the business has a professional attitude and can be relied on. An investment in showing that the business cares enough to look good and present itself well.

If you are serious about your business, using a professional photographer is a no-brainer. Highly-experienced, reputable photographers don't come cheap; but ideally they don't waste your time, and they come up with the goods first time around.

Over future articles I will explain what to look for in a pro photographer; how to avoid common pitfalls; and how to get the best possible results for your budget.

Photo Copyright Gerald Lopez. All Rights Reserved.

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